Action, reaction, creation!

The chef’s (and soon Japan’s first sushi woman) Yukie Horita is simple and flat inability to stand still in direct proportion to a huge creative and cultural baggage that ranges from gastronomy to interior design. That said, it is clear that Hello Sushi is but one more step in the untiring activity of a woman with a capacity for action, reaction and amazing creation that, at the same time, entails a deep humanity (or at least that translates to the hour To chat with her).

As Yukie is also intelligent and knows how to do things right, she has surrounded herself, to create this hyper-cozy Japanese restaurant in Ciutat Vella, a team of skilled professionals led by her and the able maitre d James Sosa, Exceptional ability to connect with a public as cold as Catalan, and from which we can guess their origin by an accent as personal and non-transferable as impossible to locate geographically. Professionalism is the word that goes like ring finger. This being the premise, and being a place made by and for people who want to change things, away from various elitisms and pijeríos, and close to an intelligent good taste (very Japanese attitude, this one), go – nevertheless – To their fangs to be carried away by a Japanese gastronomy of very high quality.

Because of the rest of the world, Yukie, a know-it-all expert in the cuisine of her country among a thousand other things, chooses to give this differential touch to the dishes, such as the incomparable frying of Tempura, based on ice and flour, And in which the egg shines by its absence, which confers a different flavor, given in part thanks to the great freshness of a choice raw material with a lot of tino, and a more fresh, healthy and healthy consistency.

Another aspect is the Misoshiru soup of soy and algae, with a different flavor in which the freshness of the seaweed, without overexing to not break the optimal balance of the dish, is noted in all its tasty peculiarities, giving rise to a tasting Much more rich in nuances than we used to have at the time of lodging in our jaws the above broth.

However. What you need to try is any of the sushi, maki and / or sashimi that the local menu offers. I do not cheat anyone if I swear and perjure that the Hello Sushi Maki California is the best I’ve tried in Barcelona, and in a hurry (also let Yuquie explain the history of why it’s called California, which is not the least Curious). Sushi Maguro or Sakhe (respectively tuna and salmon), Sashimis (the spectacular Rainbow), Tekka maki, Futo maki … proof of the hatred that, in the Hello Sushi kitchen, breathes towards frozen products and fish that Are not of an incontestable freshness.

The menu also has a section of Teriyaki cuisine (Japanese barbecue) in which special sauces based on ginger or sake and soy wrap with their intense flavors products of the highest quality. Leave it, otherwise, to fall into the clutches of the powerful Fry, battered in the house that should not be confused with tempura, and may be, among others, tofu, squid or prawns; Or a Kinoko, spectacular flambéed from seasonal mushrooms to sake.

As a last option you can go to Yukie and ask if there is any dish that has occurred to you that day. If so, they are in luck, because they will have the opportunity to swing in the gardens of Olympus gastronomic with something completely new. In addition, if they match a party or a happening or a session of DJs will have opportunity to enjoy sizes of delicacies in an unbeatable environment. At the moment Yukie already has in mind the idea of making a Sushi show (something that here has never been seen). I wonder when this woman sleeps.

Already facing the desserts, the selection, without being long, deceives. One, when he sees in a letter the word Tiramisu and is not in an Italian restaurant, tends to think of the typical cake of more or less passable quality that will not pass from the bland. In this case, in addition, the first question that comes afloat is “what the hell does a Tiramisu paint in a Japanese restaurant?”. They would, however, make a mistake if they did not try this tiramisu that Yukie makes based on Sake (instead of Cognac or Marsala) and Soya Bean Soup (instead of the usual mascarpone). But, and in that I subscribe is implacable, it should be forbidden to leave the premises without having housed a wonderful chocolate fondue from which I will refrain from explaining anything to simply not spoil the surprise. Although this is only one of many that awaits them as they cross the threshold of Hello Sushi. Word!

Hello Sushi
Dirección: C/ Juntan de Comerç
Tel: 93.412.08.30
Reservas: Imprescindibles en fin de semana
Cómo Llegar: bus 16, 17, 22, 59 66, Tomb, N0, N12; Metro Liceu.
Tarjetas: todas
Horario de cocina: De 12.30 a 16.30h y de 20.30 a 24.30
Cerrado: domingos al mediodía y lunes todo el día.